The answer to staying hydrated while on crutches!

  • Hands-Free Way to Carry a Beverage
  • Restores Independence
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong and Durable
  • Will Hold Different Size Bottles, Cans, or Travel Mugs


Utility Patent #10,143,614; Design Patent #D841,309

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Samuel J. Pelletier of Canada has created a cup holder for a crutch. Now users can enjoy this hands-free way of carrying a beverage!

While on crutches, Inventor Pelletier quickly learned how difficult it was to carry anything! He drinks a lot of water and coffee and found himself having to depend on others to carry his drinks. He felt like he was bothering those around him and wanted his independence back! In turn, he was inspired to create the Crutch On The Go!

Users will mount this clever new cup holder directly onto a crutch. The holder will be easy to install; no tools are needed. No modifications to the crutch will be necessary. The invention has been designed to be strong and durable. It will hold different size bottles, cans, or travel mugs.

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