Crowe’s Crossbow and Gun Rack

An innovative new combo rack for a tree stand.

  • Sits in Front of Hunter
  • Easy to Reach
  • Less Movement
  • No Twisting or Turning Required
  • Reduces Chance of Crossbow or Gun Being Dropped


Design Patent #D831,378

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John A. Crowe of Owensboro, KY has designed an innovative new combo rack for a tree stand that is easy to reach for increased safety.

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success and safety. As an avid hunter, John knew there had to be a way to enhance safety while up in a tree stand as well. In turn, he designed Crowes Crossbow and Gun Rack!

Users will simply assemble the rack in a tree stand and attach it to a gun rail. This places the gun and crossbow in front of the hunter. Since the rack is easy to reach, no twisting or turning is required to access ones gun or bow. Not only is this safer for the hunter, it better protects the weapons, as there is less chance of them being dropped. The rack consists of only 3 parts and can easily be disassembled and placed in ones pockets while hunting.

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