Crochet Flip-It

After trying it once, you wont want to crochet without it!

  • Flips Work from the Front to the Back of Your Project
  • Prevents Yarn from Tangling
  • Keeps Yarn in Order by Color Change
  • Saves Time
  • Container for Holding Crochet Worked Fabric


Utility Patent - 11,255,031

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kim Y. Chapman of San Antonio, TX has created a new product to keep yarn organized during big projects.

At the age of 15, Kim was taught how to crochet by her grandmother, Estelle. At that time, she did not realize she was learning the true essence of crocheting: flipping. Kim is left-handed, but her grandmother was right-handed, so she couldn't sit next to her to watch. Kim had to sit across from her and pay close attention in order to grasp the process.

Over the years, Kim crocheted small projects, until one day, she was asked to crochet an image with words. The project contained more than one color. This project took a lot longer because of all the color changes. Kim knew there had to be a better way to enjoy crocheting her creations without spending time untangling the yarn. Kim was inspired to invent the Crochet Flip-It.

Her invention allows you to flip back-and-forth while the yarn stays neat, easily accessible, and organized by color change order. The invention allows you to continually monitor your project, which will help prevent reversal of letters and numbers to occur. The Crochet Flip-It also features a container on the inner frame to help stabilize your crochet worked fabric.


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