Easily keep score in a manner which is not only easy and effective, but elegant as well!

  • Billiard Scoring Device
  • Adds a Touch of Décor to Your Pool Room
  • Easy to Use
  • Does Not Require Any Paper, Pencil or Anything Other Than Cue Stick
  • Various Finishes Possible


Utility Patent #10,220,296

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Craig A. Colpitts of LaSalle, CO has created an elegant scoring fixture for a billiard room!

Whether in their own pool room or while playing in a billiard establishment, participants strive for continual improvement and refinement. As a billiard player himself, Inventor Colpitts was inspired to add a touch of dcor to a pool room with a product that would easily keep score and would not be damaging to the end of ones cue stick. In turn, he created the CRAIGERCOUNTER!

This clever new invention will either be hung from the ceiling over ones billiard table or will be mounted nearby. This counter does not require any paper, pencil, or anything other than a cue stick. Instead, it features tracks that hold billiard balls captive in a ones column, a tens column, and a hundreds column. Players will simply reach up with their cue stick and move the balls about to indicate current score. After play, the balls are reset until the next game. The ceiling-mounted version is also capable of supporting a pool table light from its underside. Various finishes are possible to match any billiard room dcor.

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