Cover My Booster

Cover My Booster is a seat cover with an integral child booster seat insert.

  • Booster Seat is Incorporated as Part of Seat Cover
  • Ideal for Growing Independent Children
  • Protects Against Spills, Crumbs, and Dirt
  • Made of Durable Textile and Can Be Wiped Clean
  • Can Easily Be Moved from One Vehicle to Another


Utility Patent #9,630,531

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Maryrose Privatera of Niagara Falls, NY has created a seat cover with an integral child booster seat insert.

The booster seat is used for children who are outgrowing the conventional car seat but still arent old enough by law to sit alone with just a seatbelt for protection. Of course, as the child becomes older, he or she quickly realizes that booster seats are for kids, and they want to travel like mom, dad, or older siblings. This can cause confrontation every time the child gets into the vehicle. Booster seats also have to withstand a large amount of soiling, including spills and general wear and tear. In turn, Inventor Privatera was inspired to create an easy and affordable way to improve booster seat functionality and clean up. All children want to be in that big kid seat and now Cover My Booster allows them to feel just that but in a safe and secure way.

This clever new invention is a booster seat that is incorporated into a seat cover. It is ideal for growing independent children. It protects against spills, crumbs, and dirt. It is made of durable textile and can be wiped clean. The seat cover can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Various colors and styles are possible. For more information on Cover My Booster act now!


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