Courtesy 180™

An innovative new rearward-facing toilet.

  • Reduces Exertion and Sit Time
  • Reduces Laxatives, Constipation, and Hemorrhoids
  • Ergonomically Correct for Maximum Defecation
  • Minimizes Airborne Pathogens with Easy Flushing While Seated
  • Folding Lid Blocks Contact with Bacteria
  • Handle Armrests Assist in Sitting and Rising
  • Extra Wide Seat for All Ages and Sizes
  • ADA Compliant


Utility Patent - 11,457,780

Story Behind the Invention

The Courtesy 180™ is a novel and stylishly designed toilet that places our body in an ergonomically correct position, mimicking a squat that relaxes the muscles while straightening the rectum for a quicker and more complete release.

Foot ramps are just one of the unique features of the Courtesy 180™. The foot ramps raise the knees of a user up to the ideal positioning higher than the hip to mimic squatting and provide maximum release with minimal effort.

The handles will help everyone that needs assistance in sitting and rising. The handles also provide an excellent place to lean forward on as opposed to your knees. The tank top provides a clean and visible place to set your phone, drink, keys, magazines, etc. instead of the unsanitary floor. No more reaching around to find the flusher. The two-part flusher is conveniently placed right in front of you. The top half of the flusher uses half the amount of water and is ideal for pre-wetting the bowl or flushing of urine. The bottom half finishes the job with a heavier flush. Flushing while seated is encouraged to minimize airborne bacteria contaminating everything in the bathroom as well as suppressing odors. And lastly, the Courtesy 180™ is outfitted with an extra wide seat to comfort all ages and sizes and minimize the need for a potty seat.

Invented by Steve Wright of Malibu, CA.


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