Courteous High Beam

The better way to drive at night!

  • Deactivates the Left Side of Both High Beams
  • Will Not Blind Oncoming Drivers
  • Eyes Won’t Have to Refocus as Much
  • Makes it Easy to See People, Cars, Animals, and Police on the Side of the Road
  • Allows Drivers to Be More Confident with Night Driving


Utility Patent #10,948,151

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Roy Matthew Brown and Caryl Denise Brown of Bloomington, IN have created a new must-have headlight innovation for nighttime driving.

High beams can be blinding to oncoming traffic. When they are turned off out of respect to the oncoming vehicle, a drivers eyes must then suddenly refocus with the light change. This refocusing occurs every time the high beams are activated and deactivated, which can take a toll on ones vision. Also, as the eyes are refocusing, a driver may not see cars, people, animals, or police on the side of the road. Inventors Brown just knew there had to be another way. In turn, they developed the Courteous High Beam!

Now, when an oncoming vehicle approaches, a driver will be able to hit a switch to deactivate the left side of both high beams. This will stop oncoming drivers from being blinded and will keep ones eyes from having to refocus as much. The switch can be installed in any interior location, with the ideal location being a toggle on the floor.

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