Copper Grounding Bar

A grounding bar for electrical equipment with enhanced properties.

  • Connects Grounded Conductors to Same Electrical Potential
  • Ensures Proper Operation and Safety
  • Twice the Number of Conductors Can Enter from One Side Without Interference
  • Saves Valuable Interior Panel Space
  • Allows for Easy Future Access and Maintenance


Utility Patent #10,283,942; Design Patent # D856,282

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesse Pillsbury of Downey, ID has created an enhanced grounding bar for electrical equipment.

Many pieces of electrical equipment and electrical distribution panels utilize an external ground bar for connection of all grounded conductors. These bars are common wherever major pieces of electrical equipment are located. Such grounding ensures that all voltages are referenced to a common point for proper operation and that all outer panel and equipment enclosures are at a common potential. This is to eliminate shock and ensure safety. While grounding bars are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, they all share conductor access. In locations with a large quantity of conductors, access may be obtained on both sides of the bar. However, wire pathways quickly become crowded and adding additional conductors later is difficult. After seeing existing ground bars unable to be fully utilized, Inventor Pillsbury would have to install additional ground bars for one or two more connections. He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created the Copper Grounding Bar!

This clever new invention connects grounded conductors to the same electrical potential. This will ensure proper operation and safety. Twice the number of conductors will now be able to enter from one side without interference. This will save valuable interior panel space and it will allow for easy future access and maintenance.

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