Cooktop Cauldron

A lightweight and fully functional cooking pot, mixing bowl, or inspiration for mystical play.

  • - Looks like a Traditional Witch and Wizard Cauldron
  • - Stovetop Safe
  • - Non-stick
  • - Heat-Safe Handles
  • - Dishwasher Friendly


Design Patent #D915,132

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Heather Wynn and Amber Emerine of Naples, FL have designed a lightweight cauldron for bringing magic into the kitchen!

As mothers of young children who are enamored with the Harry Potter books, films, and theme parks, Heather and Amber know there is no better place for cooking up the magic of imagination than in the kitchen! With this in mind, they began searching for a cauldron their kids could safely use on the stove to cook real food while imagining they are whipping up mystical spells and potions. They did not want to have them attempting to cook over an open flame in a traditional, heavy cast iron cauldron. After hours of internet searches, they could not find a pot that was lightweight, stovetop safe, and looked like a traditional witch and wizard cauldron. In turn, they were inspired to create one!

Foregoing the hefty weight and difficult maintenance of cast iron, the new Cooktop Cauldron is crafted to be lightweight and fully functional as a surface-safe cooking pot, mixing bowl, or inspiration for mystical play. The pot can be used for mixing or cooking at a range of temperatures on any stovetop. It features an enamel coating and heat-safe handles. Dishwasher-friendly, this lightweight cauldron brings cooking and cleanup into the 21st century.

For those not raising children, the magic-bug grows in strength with every age group through the Fantastic Beasts series, Wizarding Worlds Unite Game, Universal Studios rides, and other spin-off venues. The marketability across age groups of such magical themes has proven sound, making the Cooktop Cauldron ideal for anyone. Many of todays popular cooking shows and competitions also add to the appeal.

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