Concrete Splash Guard

Keeps concrete off workers, equipment, and property!

  • - Lightweight
  • - Durable
  • - No Cleanup Crew Needed
  • - Simple to Use
  • - Easy to Clean


Design Patent #D907,668

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frank Montgomery of Lascassas, TN has designed an innovative new splash guard for use anywhere concrete is being pumped.

As concrete is pumped, it splashes, it splatters, it makes a mess everywhere! Frank just knew there had to be another way. The invention was born from a Christmas tree stand that Frank altered in an effort to prevent the splash and splatter of fresh concrete. After testing it, he knew he was onto something. Today, the idea has been developed further and is now known as the Concrete Splash Guard!

Once a pump truck is set up, the splash guard is simply placed on the end of the hose tip. With one clockwise turn, the invention locks firmly in place. For best results, the device should be kept 10 to 18 inches from the surface. Concrete is then pumped as normal. The splash guard will be there to prevent concrete from splattering all over workers, surrounding equipment, and private or personal property. At the end of the job, no cleanup crew will be needed!

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