Concealable Multiple Blade Device

A costume accessory inspired by the Wolverine characters retractable claws!

  • Novelty Item for Halloween
  • Known by All Ages
  • Easy to Use
  • User Flexes Fingers Inward, Making A Fist, Activating A Release Mechanism
  • Also Great for Comic-Con, Collectors, and More


Utility Patent #10,617,967

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Robert Glenn Oxenford and Mikki Bradley of Jackson, GA have created a costume accessory inspired by the Wolverine characters retractable claws.

While watching Forged in Fire, Oxenford and Bradley pondered what their signature blade would be. They both quickly agreed on the Wolverine and then took it one step further and actually developed a blade so other fans could get into character.

The Concealable Multiple Blade Device features three faux blades made from soft semi-flexible plastic or similar material that extend outward and retract inward from the knuckle area of a hand, in between fingers. When a user places their arm in the downward position, the faux blades slide from an arm box by force of gravity. This extension motion can be stopped or controlled by placement of the fingers in between the blades to determine speed of advancement and retraction. With practice and centrifugal force, as the arm is brought up, the faux blades will snap out and deploy upward.

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