A tidy way of keeping kitchen debris out of your sink in an effort to eliminate mess, odor, and plumbing issues.

  • Twist-Off Changeable Mesh Screen
  • Lid Keeps Out Potential Odors
  • Bottom Tray for Collecting Excess Moisture
  • Handle for Easy Use
  • Makes Composting More Efficient


Design Patent - D1,006,371

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nadine Chisholm of Jacksonville, OR has designed a compost collecting bin to keep kitchen debris out of your sink in an effort to eliminate mess, odor, and plumbing issues!

As a daily French press coffee user, Nadine never had an easy and tidy way to rid the carafe of the grinds. She did not have much of a garden yet and would throw the grinds out into rocks or a planter with roses. Sometimes she used a typical mesh strainer to empty grinds and rinse out the carafe into her sink. And then there was the messy task of tapping it out into her garbage can! Grinds would go everywhere! One rainy day, she did not want to go out to empty grinds, so she started to think about an easier way of doing things. She knew she had two large yogurt containers. She cut off the bottoms a few inches above and fit the bottoms together in the center, forming an hourglass container. She then used packing tape to hold them together. Nadine cut away the middle section of the lid with a 3/4" lip remaining. She then placed the round cut piece of mesh metal screen on the inside and used a hot glue gun to secure it to the lid before snapping it onto the container. She set the screen side over the drain. The other lid was to keep out bugs and odors. It worked wonderfully. Since that day, the CompoStrainer has been further developed and is now ready for market!

The invention is a compost collecting bin with a built-in bottom strainer for collecting compostable material such as coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, and more. It features a twist-off changeable mesh screen, a lid to keep out potential odors, a bottom tray for collecting excess moisture, and a handle for easy use. Once full, strained kitchen waste can easily get tossed into an outdoor composter or into the trash without the smelly, wet mess of a countertop composter.

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