Comfy Collar

Achieve a neat, professional look while staying comfortable.

  • Replaces the Traditional Top Button on Dress Shirts or Other Collared Clothing
  • Features An Elastic Strap Sewn into the Collar
  • Gives the User Plenty of Freedom of Movement
  • Easy-To-Use Metal Tab Fasteners
  • No Collar Extender or Tailor Visit Necessary


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and Veteran, Jason Richter, of Lakeside, CA has created a shirt collar adjustment device. Now you can achieve a neat, professional look while staying comfortable!

Like many, while dressing up and wearing a tie, Jason would have to get assistance from his wife or have another person help him button the top button. With big hands and fingers, the small top button was hard for him to latch without pinching himself. With a 20+ inch neck, Jason would also need to buy very large shirts to fit his neck and then get the shirts tailored because most shirts are cut very boxy. Sometimes he would observe people wearing shirts and ties with their top buttons unbuttoned with the tie holding the shirt in place. While this works for a short period of time, eventually the collar will separate causing the neckline to look sloppy. Jason just knew there had to be a better way to address these issues. The Comfy Collar is his solution.

But how does it work? The invention replaces the traditional top button on dress shirts or other collared clothing. It features an elastic strap sewn into the collar, giving the user plenty of freedom of movement. Instead of a frustrating button that can pinch delicate skin, easy-to-use metal tab fasteners provide a clean, tailored look no collar extender or tailor visit necessary!

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