Comfy Carrier

A seat covering with gel-filled padding that controls temperature.

  • For Use in Car Seats, Strollers, and Stand Alone Chairs
  • Provides Fast Comfort
  • Eases Health Concerns Such as Eczema and Heat Rash
  • Makes Travel More Enjoyable
  • Various Colors and Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chimere "CiCi" Conner of Houston, TX has created a seat covering with a gel-filled padding that controls temperature. Now, infants and children in car seats and strollers can keep cool or warm - no matter the external ambient temperature!

CiCi's daughter was born with a severe case of eczema, which would inflame with any shift in temperature and cause uncontrollable crying, itching, and scratching until there was bleeding or bruising. Being a new mother, CiCi would want to get out and take strolls with her daughter, or go on car rides, but she was unable to do so. When her daughter would sit in a car seat or stroller for any length of time, there would be discomfort from her back being planted against a plastic or wool seat covering. This would cause heat or friction, leading to severe outbreaks and irritation. CiCi just knew there had to be a solution. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Comfy Carrier!

The invention is a seat covering with both heating and cooling ability. While a must-have for children who suffer from temperature sensitivity or skin issues, the invention is perfect for all children who fuss over uncomfortable temperature conditions while in a car seat, stroller, or chair. This portable seat covering can also be manufactured in adult sizes for long road trips, outdoor football, soccer, and baseball games, or just enjoying the day at the beach!

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