Combination Sleeping Bag and Mattress

Packing for your next camping trip just got easier!

  • All-in-One Unit
  • No Need to Spend Money on Two Items
  • Sleeping Bag Won’t Slip Away from the Mattress
  • Easy to Carry
  • Simple to Clean


Design Patent #D838,125

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kevin Kreutzer of Abilene, KS has created an air mattress bedding system that will be a must-have for the camping industry!

When traveling by motorcycle, Inventor Kreutzer only had room to pack his sleeping bag. Without an air mattress, he knew he would be sleeping on the ground. Thats when he started thinking about the possibility of combining the two together so he could simply roll them up and go. And now, with his creation of the Combination Sleeping Bag and Mattress, the need to pack both items separately will be eliminated!

There will also be no need to spend money on two separate items. This all-in-one unit consists of a sleeping bag and comfortable air mattress. The invention has been designed so the sleeping bag wont slip away from the mattress. It will be easy to carry and simple to clean.

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