Combination Chest Box and Station

The Combination Chest Box and Station is a toy storage receptacle and activity center for children.

  • Stores All Types and Sizes of Toys and Supplies
  • Keeps Toys from Becoming Lost
  • Cover Keeps Toys Clean
  • Provided with Chair and Desk
  • Light for Writing and Drawing in the Dark


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joyce McLaurin of Syracuse, NY has created a toy storage receptacle and activity center for children.

With young children, its a constant battle keeping their toys neat and orderly. Various storage methods such as closets, shelving units, and toy boxes are commonly used - but by adults, not the children themselves. Also most of these methods do not protect toys from dust and dirt. In addition, small toys in the bottom of a toy box seldom get played with. Most storage methods provide no means to store or use objects such as paper, pencils, coloring books, and crayons. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, none of these storage methods are fun to use, thus constant nagging is necessary to encourage children to use them and put away their toys on their own. In turn, Inventor McLaurin was inspired to create the Combination Chest Box and Station. Her invention not only keeps toys clean and organized, but it is also fun to use, thus encouraging a child to clean up after playtime.

This clever new invention stores all types and sizes of toys and supplies. It keeps toys from becoming lost. Its cover keeps toys clean. The device is provided with a chair and desk. A light allows children to write and draw in the dark. For more information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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