Collapsible Radiation Shield

An innovative new EMF shield for smart electric meters.

  • Blocks Radiation
  • Protects Humans, Wildlife, Insects, and Vegetation
  • Tubular Configuration
  • New Technology Aesthetic
  • Collapses Flat to Cut Consumer Shipping Costs


Utility Patent # 10,426,068

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and electrician, Jesse I. Danielson of Sonora, CA has created an innovative new way to protect humans, wildlife, insects, and vegetation from the damaging effects of radiation.

Smart electrical meters are now being used to analyze, report, and even control electrical usage. Although readings are becoming more accurate and there is a reduced need for manpower, smart meters emit radiation in the form of an RF signal.

The sad reality is that smart electric meters are making people sick. Just because you dont feel anything, doesnt mean you are not getting pulses of radiation. As an electrician, Danielson knew it wasnt fair to expose people to that. The list of harmful radiation effects is getting longer and meters are still transmitting. Although the market has responded with shields that greatly reduce radiation levels, they are large and costly to ship. In turn, Danielson developed the Collapsible Radiation Shield!

The invention provides all the functions of an EMF (electromagnetic field) shield for smart power meters, but without the bulk, size, and high cost of shipping. The shield has a tubular configuration with an open top and a ground connection to shunt away internally generated EMFs for your protection. An internal spring allows the shield to expand or collapse to save on storage and shipping costs.

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