Collapsible Construction Cone

The Collapsible Construction Cone gets more cones to the worksite in less time with less stress!

  • Made of Five Interlocking Sections
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Lift and Twist Each Section to Determine Height
  • Reduces in Size to Save Storage Space
  • Stackable for Easy Transportation


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Deji Adeleke of Fort McMurray, AB has created a way to get more cones to the worksite in less time with less stress!

Street and highway safety is always a concern. One item that is frequently used to control traffic in a safe manner, much to the chagrin of drivers everywhere, is the orange barrel. These barrels provide a low-cost, high visibility solution to direct lanes of traffic while ensuring adequate clearance for roadway workers. However, even when stacked, they occupy a great deal of space in storage or during the deployment process. In addition, their tall fixed size is not always ideal and the option of a shorter barrel requires a time consuming, permanent, and disfiguring alteration. Finally, they are usually too large to be carried in law enforcement vehicles for immediate use. In turn, Inventor Adeleke was inspired to create the Collapsible Construction Cone!

This clever new invention is made of five interlocking sections that are easy to deploy. Users will simply twist and turn each section to determine the height of the cone. The cone is able to reduce in size to save storage space. The invention is stackable for easy transportation as well.

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