Cold Climber

A new cold weather garment with an integral built-in safety harness.

  • Great for Work Duties at Elevated Locations
  • Makes Getting Dressed Faster and Easier
  • No Need to Put on Separate Safety Harness
  • Must-Have For Many Different Trades
  • Multiple Sizes, Styles, and Colors


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marc A. McAdams of Maryland, NY has developed a cold weather garment with an integral built-in safety harness.

Although safety harnesses are incredibly important, they are not without their disadvantages. First, they are difficult and awkward to put on, especially when worn with thick insulated jackets, vests, or other cold weather gear. The straps become easily bound by the bulkiness of the clothing. In addition, the straps restrict movement, making physical work in cold weather even more demanding. As a union laborer, Marc uses a harness regularly. One winter, it was about 15 degrees when the idea for the Cold Climber came to him. Since that day, it has been further developed and is now ready for market!

A worker will simply put the invention over their shoulders and tighten all adjustments. The back D-ring should be in the center of the back as high as one can get it. Since the harness is sewn in, workers will be able to get dressed quicker. Most notably, they will now be able to work in cold weather without interference from their safety harness.

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