Clutch for a Motorcycle

Prevent hand and arm fatigue with the Clutch for a Motorcycle!

  • Alternative Method of Releasing Clutch
  • Wards Off Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Especially Useful While Motorcycle is at a Standstill
  • Made from Weather-Resistant Materials
  • Can Be Incorporated into New Motorcycle Designs or Great Add-On Option


Utility Patent #10,427,755

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ben Taves of Sherwood Park, AB has created a device for motorcycles that allows riders to lock in their clutch instead of holding it.

While motorcycles provide many benefits, the operation of the clutch, especially in heavy stop-and-go traffic is certainly not one of them. This repetitive operation quickly becomes fatiguing and can even cause stress injuries over time. This was certainly the case for Inventor Taves. The clutch pull on his 2009 Harley was heavy which got him thinking, there had to be another way! In turn, he created the Clutch for a Motorcycle!

This clever new invention is an alternative method of releasing a clutch. It was created to prevent hand and arm fatigue. It will be especially useful while a motorcycle is at a standstill, such as while waiting at a street light or while stuck in traffic. The device is made from weather-resistant materials. It can be incorporated into new motorcycle designs or itll be a great add-on option.

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