Clutch Cloth

An absorbent arm sleeve for wiping away sweat while working out.

  • Compression Sleeve with Towel
  • Easily Wipes Sweat Away
  • Compression Fit Material Prevents the Sleeve from Sliding Around
  • Soft and Absorbent
  • More Sanitary Than Towels


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph T. Rivera of Jamaica, NY has created a new sweat wiping device that takes the form of a flexible arm sleeve.

When Joseph would go to the gym and park to work out, he would bring a towel with him to wipe the sweat off. However, many times he would lose the towel or drop it on the floor rendering it unsanitary. At that point, he would just use the sleeve of his shirt to wipe the sweat away. Instead of a towel, he thought it would be convenient to have a cloth attached to his sleeve to help wipe his sweat. In turn, he was inspired to create the Clutch Cloth! Since that day, it has been further developed and is now ready for market!

Use the invention to wipe sweat away when needed. The compression fit material of the sleeve prevents it from sliding around as you exercise. This removably flexible arm sleeve can also be integrated into a shirt.

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