Clear Smart Flat Screens Special Edition

Televisions occupy a lot of space and become an unsightly presence in a room. But now, they dont have to!

  • Clear, See-Through LCD Television
  • Will Not Block Vision or Sightlines in a Room
  • Can Be Wall Mounted or Set on a Tabletop
  • Optional Tower Base
  • Various Sizes Possible
  • Can Connect to iPhones, Smartphones, Etc.


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Devon Clark of Raleigh, NC has created a clear, see-through LCD television with many innovative features.

Noticing how large televisions dominate a room and obstruct views, Devon was inspired to come up with a solution. This innovative, transparent LCD television integrates seamlessly into any room, preserving aesthetics and sightlines. Clark's vision has transformed home entertainment, offering an answer to the issue of obtrusive screens and marking a revolutionary step in technology integration. His invention underlines his commitment to redefining boundaries and reshaping our interaction with technology.

The invention can be wall mounted or set on a tabletop or optional tower base. It is just like a conventional LCD screen with all the usual smart features, but with the added ability to see through the screen! No longer does a TV have to block vision or sightlines in a room. Users can even look outside with the invention placed in front of a window. Various sizes are possible.

Looking for more fun features? The invention is also touchscreen with a touchscreen remote control with flashlight tip. Both the television and remote are stain resistant. The TV can show multiple channels at one time and record multiple channels while being on that channel as well. It has cordless microphones and can do karaoke. It can even record pictures and videos of you and your family.

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