Clean Bases

An innovative new sanitizing floor mat.

  • Removes Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and Other Contaminants from Footwear
  • Prevents Spread of Illness
  • Cleans Without Removing Footwear
  • Great for Homes, Hospitals, Airports, Restaurants, Daycares, and More
  • Various Décor Styles Possible


Utility Patent #10,959,599

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jaime Gunter of Argyle, TX has created an innovative new sanitizing floor mat.

As a frequent traveler, Jaime would walk through airport bathrooms with her suitcase and think about how disgusting it was. With everyone using the restroom before and after a flight, she knew germs must be everywhere. Jaime thought about how awesome it would be to walk across a mat that would sanitize the wheels of a suitcase and the bottom of your shoes. While ideal for airports, she knew a concept like this would be well received in many other places as well. In turn, she was inspired to develop Clean Bases!

Upon first glance, the invention looks like a regular floor mat, however, it features a replaceable antibacterial insert. The mat is simply placed in front of a door and will kill germs, bacteria, and viruses from the bottom of ones shoes as they enter and exit through the doorway. This will be ideal for use in airports, hospitals, restaurants, daycares, homes, and more! Various decor styles are possible.

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