Classy Sassy

This big, bold, and flamboyant neck warmer is in a class by itself!

  • Beautiful and Eye-Catching
  • Fit for a Queen, King, or the Whole Family
  • Can Be Worn Comfortably All Day
  • Size Adjustable for the Perfect Fit
  • Various Styles Possible


Patent #D809,666

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Betty Holliday Sewell of Suisun City, CA has designed a beautiful neck warmer that is classy and sassy and fit for a queen or king, or the whole family!

Betty has been creating jewelry and designing for over 35 years with the help of the Lord. As a small business, Ebonee Star Exchange, she has been creating and making jewelry since she was a young girl. Jewelry is what Betty loves creating and seeing people happy. Women are always happy when they are wearing her one-of-a-kind neck warmer. Betty loves to create beautiful jewelry that is inspired by God. She loves what she does and loves to please her customers. When they are wearing that beautiful big and bold neck warmer in a class by itself, the neck warmer stands out for the world to see.

Betty is so very happy to have customers that believe in her integrity and love for all mankind. She is so very grateful to God for the journey in this time in her life. She would like to say thank you to her wonderful husband, Jimmie, who is very supportive and lets her make their home into a home of business. She also thanks her daughter, Christina Jn'ee, that would help her when she attended tradeshows, trying to get her fashion on the market for the world to see. Betty thanks her customers, the ones that have been praying and supporting her. Betty believes Classy Sassy will be around for a long time.

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