Christmas Tree Brace

The Christmas Tree Brace is a safety harness system for keeping Christmas trees upright.

  • Adjustable to Fit Trees of All Sizes
  • For Natural or Artificial Trees
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Affordable
  • Especially Great for Homes with Cats



Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Jason Osborne and Bhreagh Kehoe of Sydney, NS have created a safety harness system for keeping Christmas trees upright.

Christmas tree stands are a necessity for stabilizing indoor trees throughout the holiday season. Nevertheless, Christmas trees tend to fall over all the time. This is especially true in homes with cats. Frequently cats will play with ornaments and even try to climb the tree. A tree can also become a point of curiosity to children. And so, many people use string or rope in an attempt to hold the tree in place. Not only is this unsightly, it never works very well. In turn, Inventors Osborne and Kehoe were inspired to create the Christmas Tree Brace! This device will secure your tree and take a little worry out of the holiday season.

This clever new invention ensures a tree wont fall over. The brace is for natural or artificial trees. It is adjustable. It is easy to assemble and affordable for consumers. The invention is especially great for homes with cats or trees with heavy ornaments.

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