Choke Hold

Improves performance during shooting!

  • - Modifies Dispersion Patterns of a Gun
  • - Does Not Reply on the Barrel
  • - Eliminates the Need for Choke Barrels
  • - Causes Less Wear on Equipment
  • - Increases the Accuracy of Your Shots


Utility Patent - 11,248,889

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Eric Van Der Eerden of Canada has created an innovative new way to improve performance during shooting.

Sometimes it is hard to hit a moving target on the first shot. You carefully plot when to fire, but if you miss, the second shot becomes even more difficult. With each second, the distance between you and the target grows rapidly. Shouldnt there be an easier way?

The idea for the Choke Hold was born after several of Erics friends and one of his sons purchased semi-automatic shotguns. One was showing him that you could equip the barrel with a choke to narrow the shot dispersal. However, no matter the configuration, all shots would have the same dispersal pattern. Only with double barrel shotguns would you have an option. This invention is a potential fix on that limitation.

The invention modifies dispersion patterns of a gun, without relying on the barrel. It eliminates the need for choke barrels and causes less wear on equipment. It is a quick and easy way to increase the accuracy of your shots. Single barrel fast load just became more effective, with one barrel serving as two!

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