“Chockmate” Safety Wheel Chock

The Chockmate Safety Wheel Chock is a system and method by which wheel chocks are more easily placed and removed on vehicles.

  • Promotes Safe Operation of Vehicles and Equipment
  • Restricts Accidental Movement
  • Prevents Accidents, Injury, and Damage
  • No Moving Parts
  • Made of Recycled Durable Plastic


Design Patent #D775,579

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark D. Hughes of Old Fort, NC has created a system and method by which wheel chocks are more easily placed and removed on vehicles.

Wheel chocks are wedges that slide beneath the wheels of various stationery vehicles to keep them from shifting or rolling away. They can be used on cars, trucks, RV trailers, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, and even motorcycles. They are perfect for use when loading, unloading, performing routine maintenance, and parking. In fact, they are even required by law in many instances due to their tremendous safety benefits. However, wheel chocks are somewhat difficult to place and a user must often crawl upon the ground to do so. This problem arises again when it comes time to remove the chocks as well. This difficulty of placement and removal is what often keeps many people from utilizing wheel chocks in the first place. In turn, Inventor Hughes created the Chockmate Safety Wheel Chock.

This clever new invention lets users place wheel chocks on tires in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but safe and secure as well. It restricts accidental movement to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage. There are no moving parts. It is made of recycled durable plastic. Multiple sizes are available to fit all sizes of tires. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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