Cheer Cups

Giving sports fans another reason to cheer.

  • Small Gifts or Surprises Can Be Stored Under the Lid
  • Free Tickets Could Be Placed in the Bottom Compartment
  • Fans Could Also Win Experiences Like a Meet and Greet
  • Autographed Cups Would Be a Valued Collectible Item
  • Great Souvenir or Gift for Season Ticket Holders


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charles Thompson has created a collectible cup with endless promotional opportunities!

Not only does the invention give fans another reason to be excited, but it also helps teams increase their revenue. Charles believes everyone will purchase a cup for the chance to win something. This could be anything from getting to take a half-court shot for special winnings, to a tour of the locker room, or the opportunity to attend a meet and greet with a star player.

When meeting with teams about his idea, Charles is eager to explain all they can do. The cups can be used as a bank. Small gifts or surprises can be stored under the lid. Free tickets could be placed in the bottom department. By inserting a code or certain numbers onto specific cups, the promotional opportunities are limitless. When a person purchases a collectible cup, they could win different gifts and surprises based on what a team would like to offer their fans. Cups can feature pictures of players, team mascots, and could include a calendar on the backside to show future games. Cups with authentic signatures may even be sold. Beer or soft drinks can be served in the cups, or the cups can be sold in a stadium store. The cups will make an excellent souvenir and will also be a great gift for season ticket holders.

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