Charissa’s Apparel with Elastic Fittings

Innovative new scrubs with improved stretch, comfort, and coverage while on-the-job!

  • Spandex Lining
  • Covers More of the Body
  • Two Front Pockets, One Back Pocket, and One Cargo Leg Pocket
  • Saves Money
  • Various Colors and Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D888,370

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charissa Young of Baltimore, MD has created innovative new scrubs with improved stretch, comfort, and coverage.

Many scrubs on the market are not only uncomfortable, they can also restrict movement while on-the-job. As a nursing assistant, Charissa knew there had to be a better option. In turn, she developed Charissas Creative Apparel with Elastic Fittings!

These scrubs will bring a new level of comfort to all activities such as sitting, bending, and stretching. The sleeves and pant legs have splits on each side with spandex lining. Consumers will notice a connected spandex t-shirt is visible above the V-neck top, so a wearer will not expose too much. For the same reason, the bottom back of the top has been designed to loop down so it wont rise up while sitting or bending. A stretch band is located at the top back of the pants, along with a string tie. The uniform features two front pockets, one back pocket, and a cargo pocket on one leg. Various colors and sizes of scrubs are possible.

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