Centipede Training Tower

A real interactive training experience for those interested in boxing, kickboxing, karate, and more!

  • Teaches Basic Fundamentals
  • Reinforces Good Techniques
  • Utilizes Multiple Slapper Pads
  • Allows for 360° Range of Motion
  • Kicking Up to 6 Feet High


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Craig E. Williams has created a new fighting training system for a high-quality workout no personal trainer needed!

The system was constructed out of the mind of a martial artist with the idea to simulate a real interactive training experience. Craig wanted to design a system that would act just like a personal trainer. He wanted it to be useful for all backgrounds and disciplines from boxing to kickboxing and more. Now, the Centipede Training Tower has been developed and is ready for market!

The invention simulates a real interactive training experience for those interested in boxing, kickboxing, and karate. The system helps teach basic fundamentals and reinforces good techniques. Multiple slapper pads are arranged on the tower according to the height of the user and the desired workout, preferably at 90 alternating angles. This allows for 360 range of motion, including kicking at all heights up to six feet high. The pads can be turned up and down for full follow through on every punch and kick. After use, the invention folds easily for storage.

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