C.B. Holder

A new crossbow stand created with safety and convenience in mind.

  • - Attaches to a Ladder Stand or Climber
  • - Adjustable
  • - Hands-Free
  • - Keeps Crossbow Out of Your Lap
  • - Compact and Easy to Transport


Design Patent - D956,161

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael D. Koontz of Kodak, TN has designed a new crossbow stand that keeps your crossbow out of your lap so you can stay hands-free.

The idea was born when Michaels wife started hunting with him in 2011. She hunts with a crossbow and was having to hold her crossbow in her lap. He wanted to make something that would hold her crossbow for her, so she could be hands-free to look around and not worry about her bow sliding off her lap. In turn, he developed the C.B. Holder!

The invention simply attaches to a ladder stand or a climber. To use, loosen the knob on the bottom of the device and align the bottom with the tree stand. You will then level it, tighten it down, and adjust how far back you would like your bow to sit. Once in place, the holder will keep your crossbow from slipping off your lap, while making sure you stay hands-free. No longer will you have to worry about your bow misfiring because it will go straight into the ground.

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