Cast Pack

A specially shaped ice pack designed for use inside of casts.

  • Fast Acting
  • Safe and Effective
  • Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Swelling, Cramping, and Itching
  • May Reduce Dependency on Pain Medications
  • Various Shapes and Sizes Possible for Use on Different Areas of the Body


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph Hamad of Harrisburg, PA has created a specially shaped ice pack designed for use inside of casts!

The invention was born after rupturing his Achilles heel, which required surgery and a cast placed on his foot, ankle, and calf. The resulting pain, swelling, and itching were unbearable at times. Taking pain medication helped the pain but made him very nauseous. Nothing seemed to help the swelling and itching. The doctor told him to place an ice pack on the exterior of his cast, but nothing was felt. Joseph knew if he could just get one of his ice packs between the cast and skin, he would be okay, but nothing he could find was designed for such an application. He then took some of his daughter's frozen ice pop sticks and inserted three of them between his cast and skin. The effect was amazing! Swelling was down. Itching was gone. Pain decreased dramatically, without the use of potentially addictive medications. After experiencing such great results, he was then inspired to develop the Cast Pack!

Simply place the invention in the freezer before use. Once thoroughly frozen, position the cloth barrier sleeve over the invention before inserting it between the cast and the affected area of the body. Relief will be felt instantly. The invention may even reduce dependency on pain medication as well as the potential for addiction. Once cold therapy is complete, pull the invention out using the looped end of the device and place it back in the freezer for future use. A variety of shapes and sizes are possible for use on different areas of the body.

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