Carson Campfire Grill

A new compact portable grill designed to fit perfectly over a campfire.

  • Compact
  • Angled Legs for Stability
  • Adjustable Height
  • Can Be Used on Uneven Surfaces
  • Must-Have for All Campers and Hunters


Design Patent #D901,965

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jack Carson of Valparaiso, FL has created a new portable grill designed to fit perfectly over a campfire.

While planning a hunting trip to the Idaho wilderness, Jack began searching for a campfire grill that was compact, portable, functional and affordable. However, after researching everything available on the market, he found nothing he thought would serve his purpose. Jack then embarked on a mission to create a grill that would provide him with all the features he wanted. He collected scrap bed rails and an old BBQ grill and began to cut, chop, weld, grind and polish. The Carson Campfire Grill was his result. Now it has been developed further and is ready for market!

This new compact portable grill has been designed to fit perfectly over a campfire. In addition to a sizable flat grilling surface, the invention features adjustable legs that are angled for stability. This allows the grill to be placed on any surface, including rough uneven ground. After use, the grill is simply flattened and stored until next time.

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