Cargo to You

No longer will you have to go to the cargo. Cargo comes to you!

  • Makes It Easy to Access Cargo, Tools, Hunting and Fishing Gear
  • Safer and Easier
  • Saves Back and Knees
  • Can Be an Upgrade or Add On
  • For Pickup Trucks, Dump Trucks, Tow Trucks, Fire Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, and More


Utility Patent #8,393,665

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kenneth J. Villano & John M. Morris have created a cargo box that is stowed in a truck bed and makes accessing ones cargo trouble-free.

Bad knees or back? Or maybe youre just tired of struggling with your cargo while on-the-go. Realizing there had to be a better way, Inventors Villano and Morris created Cargo to You. At the push of a button, the invention will lift up over the bed rail of your truck, extend outward, and descend so that its securely resting on the outside of the truck bed, even with the top rail. When you put the tailgate-like door down, you will be provided with a work table and FULL access to your tools, hunting and fishing gear, or whatever youre carrying.

This clever new invention is safe and will be easier on your body. It can be marketed as an upgrade or add on product. It can be used for pickup trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, flatbed trucks, and more!

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