Cargo Neckerchief Case

Before there was no way to protect a U.S. Navy enlisted neckerchief, as it would constantly get wrinkled or crushed.

But now, theres the Cargo Neckerchief Case!

  • Neatly Stows Neckerchief Within the Unit
  • Case Can Be Shoved into A Sea Bag, Storage Locker, or Coffin Rack
  • Neckerchief Remains Fully Protected
  • Equipped with A Fold Out Hanger
  • Can Also Stow Issued Ribbons and Medals Inside a Specially Designed Compartment


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffry D. Groves of Anchorage, AK has developed a carrying case especially for the U.S. Navy enlisted neckerchief.

The inventor was honored with the privilege of serving in the U.S. Navy. Throughout his enlistment, Jeffry was never in one place for more than three months. Whether it was a full sea bag, or a stuffed coffin rack, he always had an issue with where to stow his neatly folded neckerchief. It is essential for a sailor to keep their neckerchief safe.

At the time, there was no such product designed to adequately protect this neatly rolled, delicate piece of military dress uniform during deployment times or locker stowage. A device which would protect this fragile uniform piece from getting squeezed, severely wrinkled, or crushed during deployment.

The Cargo Neckerchief Case is his solution. The invention will eliminate the past issues of where to store or pack the enlisted neckerchief and will keep it safe at all times.

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