A personal sanitizing device for cans and bottles.

  • Removes Dirt, Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses
  • Prevents Sickness
  • Features Small Bristle Brush with Food Grade Sanitizing Solution
  • Other Side with Dipper Clip Helps to Absorb and Clean Off Any Leftover Germs
  • Portable Design for Use Anywhere


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffrey J. Seaman of San Antonio, TX has created a personal sanitizing device for cans and bottles.

The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic while at a corner store watching workers and shoppers touch all the different drink cans. Jeffrey began wondering how many different germs are spread from the first time a can is produced to when the can reaches the mouth of a consumer. At the time, there was not a way to clean the top of cans except for a rag, shirt, water, or whatever was around at the time of consumption. Jeffrey thought if people knew to clean the tops of cans, it could prevent illness. To bring the concept to life, he started sculpting with clay, drawing on paper, and creating CAD models. Now, the Canatizer has been further developed and is ready for market!

Before you open a beverage can, use the Canatizer for a better way of sanitizing the top of the can before consumption! Using the side with the brushes and alcohol base sanitizer will help clean germs even those invisible to the eye. After using the side with the brushes, flip it over and use the side with the dipper clip to help absorb and clean off any leftover germs. After use, the invention is collapsible to fit into a purse or pocket until needed again.

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