A multimedia computer system thats built right into your kitchen cabinets!

  • Flat Screen Digital Display
  • Changes the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen
  • Whiteboard Functionality
  • Hands-Free Control for Cooking Shows and Other Videos
  • Voice Activated


Utility Patent - 11,460,819

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bradley Chammartin of Canada has created a multimedia computer system that is built right into your kitchen cabinets. Now you can modify the look and feel of your kitchen based on your mood or daily needs!

As a renovator, Bradley knows one of the most daunting areas of the home to remodel is the kitchen. The idea for Cablet came to him while renovating his fathers house. At first, he imagined being able to change the cabinet faces with LCD panels. Over time, the idea progressed into touch screen smart appliances. He knew an innovation like this would provide a better overall experience for homeowners in this technology driven world.

With Cablet, your cabinet doors can now be replaced with smart technology touch-operated monitors. The invention lets you change the color of your cabinet doors or select an ambient screen saver. Enjoy a lush rainforest, choose a beach scene, or any number of other visually stunning options. You could also use it as a whiteboard to meal plan, schedule your week, or create a chore chart. The invention will also be great for watching step-by-step cooking videos. You could even watch sports or play video games while making supper. The invention is also voice activated for convenience.

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