Butterfly Baccarat Board Game

This unique and essential new board game is ready to hit the market!

  • Colorful, Whimsical Designs
  • Rewarding Concept
  • Hours of Fun
  • Must-Have for Baccarat or Board Game Enthusiasts


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Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Arthur of Owings Mills, MD has created a new board game that is ready to hit the market!

The idea was born while looking out his 4th floor apartment over a decade ago. He envisioned the essential parts of a face like two ears, one nose, two eyes, and a mouth. Robert wondered if there was a game format unique and essential like the parts of the face and was inspired to make an essential card game. Rock paper scissors struck his imagination; with the clubs resembling rocks, diamonds resembling scissors, and hearts might cover with a paper scroll in the background. He tried this out on three rings with rock paper scissors in a 1-2-3 direction on a cardboard box with a sewing board platform and encountered the spade problem. He considered this and a ying-yang light-versus-darkness concept was discovered. He then experimented on a simple three game: the far left being paper, the middle being scissors, and the far right being rocks. Magic happened when he divided the rock paper scissors group into the day group and the spade cards into the night group. This interaction resulted in a game scoring motion mechanism. This mechanism let small cards beat other cards and night and day cards interact differently in different situations. The mechanism kept growing when he tested it on many game functions. He fancied surfing a card into a rainbow and thought how drawing as many cards as possible, a run from a live draw, may be fun and rewarding. Robert has constantly compared his games and game functions to Blackjack and Baccarat. He asked himself, "What do they have that has millions of people playing them? People feel they can outscore the Blackjack dealer in points and bets when a certain position, either player, banker, or tie is due in Baccarat. Robert has a game that not only scores 1 to 1 but has payback of 2 to 1, 3 to 1, and 5 to 1 by board position. His game turns a static Baccarat score into dynamic board positions, organic shift, motion odds and bonuses, and a hand from a live poker draw that is similar to a tie payback in Baccarat. His game has live draws with choices of how many opponents to take on to have organic odds relative to the wins over losses in taking on the opponent cards.

Want to learn? Visit butterflybaccarat.com for full game rules!


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