Bulb Removal Tool

Changing a light bulb has never been quicker or easier!

  • - Simply Grip and Pull
  • - Safe Solution
  • - No Bulb Breakage
  • - No Cut Hands or Gloves Needed
  • - Affordable


Design Patent #D924,027

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Bernadette and Abner Pomar of Vallejo, CA have designed an innovative new light bulb removal tool. Changing a light bulb has never been quicker or easier!

When it came time to change a light bulb, it was very difficult to remove and Bernadette and Abner would get into fights about it. Abner tried different ways such as using gloves, a towel, or literally breaking the bulb and it was still hard to remove. Finally, Bernadette used a wire hanger, broke it, and had Abner bend the ends to pull the bulb shoulder. After testing it out, they knew they were onto something. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Bulb Removal Tool!

The tool has been designed to grip the end of a light bulbs shoulder. To use, simply pull down firmly on the shoulder, without twisting, without struggling, without fighting or getting into an argument with your partner! The bulb will then easily detach from the light fixture socket. With this tool, there will be no bulb breakage, so no gloves or other special precautions will need to be taken.

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