Builder’s Boom

An innovative new load stabilization device for builders!

  • Lifts Long, Narrow Material Up to 25 Feet
  • Telescoping Ability for Shorter or Higher Needs
  • Increases Efficiency and Speeds Process
  • For All Skid Steers or Small Loaders on the Market
  • Can Also be Used as a Standard Boom


Utility Patent - 11,208,308

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chase Pearce and Chase Land Service of Okeechobee, FL have created an innovative new load stabilization device for builders!

Skid steer loaders are commonly used around farms, nurseries, construction sites, and for general landscaping and maintenance tasks. Their small size and maneuverability allow them to operate in tight spaces. Their light weight permits them to be towed behind a full-size pickup truck, and the wide array of attachable accessories makes them very useful. They can even be equipped with forks to help lift palleted material or other heavy loads. However, forks are not the best at trying to stabilize long loads that extend over the forks by a significant amount. Many people try to keep loads, such as metal roofing, perfectly balanced, but it is always a risky endeavor. Chase just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the Builders Boom!

The invention hooks to all skid steers or small loaders on the market. Once in place, the invention will lift long narrow boards, sheets of tin, or tall poles up to 25 feet. The materials can then be set perpendicular to an exterior structure, so they slide right up into place on the roof. If necessary, a load can be raised and positioned with a hook. Workers can also place materials on top of the boom, so items are always within arms reach. This will improve efficiency and greatly speed up the building process to increase profits. The invention can also be used as a standard boom.

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