Drive safer with Bugzbgone on-the-go!

  • Features Clip-On High-Pressure Spray Rig
  • Sprays Pressurized Fluid onto the Windshield When Needed
  • Activated from Within the Vehicle Via Wireless Transmitter
  • No Need to Step Out of Your Vehicle to Clean Your Windshield
  • Must-Have for Cleaning Bugs, Bird Droppings, Ice, Frost, Tree Sap, and More


Utility Patent - 11,667,266

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Christopher R. Hickmott of Oceanside, CA and Steven Kimmins of Lake Havasu City, AZ have created a high-pressure washing system that allows you to clean your windshield from inside your vehicle instead of having to stop and manually scrub the windshield.

Maintaining a clean windshield is a necessary step in ensuring driving safety. However, stubborn windshield debris can be too much for windshield wipers alone and generally requires manual scrubbing with a nylon type scrubbing pad from outside the vehicle. After experiencing the many hazards of the environment, especially insects, while driving heavy equipment and trucks, Christopher and Steven knew there had to be a more efficient way of cleaning a windshield while in motion. In turn, they were inspired to develop Bugzbgone!

The invention is a clip-on high-pressure spray rig that sprays pressurized fluid onto your windshield. Each sprayer comes with a manifold and a selection of clips, making it easy to attach to your windshield wipers. The pump is activated by the driver from within the vehicle using a wireless transmitter. How easy!

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