Bucket Buster

An innovative new separator tool for stacked buckets and pails.

  • Wedges Fit Between Buckets in a Stack
  • Separates with Minimal Effort
  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Takes Only a Few Seconds


Utility Patent #10,766,752

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ben Bennett of San Antonio, TX has created an innovative new bucket separator tool!

Although stackable buckets and pails are very useful, removing individual buckets from a stack can be extremely troublesome and time consuming. The tight taper tolerances can produce vacuums that make pulling the buckets or pails apart nearly impossible. Ben observed this firsthand. A friend with a flower shop was struggling with a tall stack of plastic buckets. At another shop, it took two men a few hours to separate two buckets. A friend reached out to Ben asking him to come up with a solution. He later developed the Bucket Buster!

Separating buckets has never been easier with this new separator tool! The tool features wedges that will fit between buckets in a stack. One downward push at the handle will drive the wedges through separating the buckets within seconds!

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