Brutus Electric Truck Ladder System

A retractable step system for lifted pickup trucks and other high access vehicles.

  • - Allows Users to Safely and Easily Enter and Exit the Vehicle, Regardless of Stature or Minor Physical Limitations
  • - Adjustable Front Ladder Guides
  • - Anti-Slip Steps
  • - Controlled by Dual Dash Mounted Switches, Door Switches, Wireless Key Fob, or a Combination
  • - Can Be Stowed After Use


Utility Patent - 11,628,775

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sean Lewis of Middleburg, FL has created a retractable ladder system for a lifted pickup truck or other high access vehicle.

The idea was born after restoring his father-in-laws truck for over seven years. The truck has 10" of lift and sits on 44" tires. Needless to say, it was impossible for anyone to safely enter and exit the vehicle without some type of ladder system. Sean created a system for his wife so she could get in and out of the truck without hurting herself. It worked, and he knew others with high access vehicles would benefit from a system like this, too. Now, the Brutus Electric Truck Ladder System has been developed further and is ready for market!

The system allows users to safely and easily enter and exit a vehicle, regardless of their stature or minor physical limitations. The system can be controlled by dual dash mounted switches, door switches, wireless key fob, or a combination. When activated, the ladder will raise or lower until it is several inches off the ground for convenience. After use, the ladder is held in a stowed position on the underside of the vehicle until needed again.

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