Brightfull is a portable, collapsible cart for transporting cleaning chemicals and supplies.

  • Four-Wheel Utility Cart
  • Effortlessly Transfer a Large Amount of Cleaning Supplies from Worksite to Worksite
  • Holds Buckets, Mops, Brooms, Spray Bottles, Cleaning Chemicals, Tools, Etc.
  • Handle for Easy Pushing
  • Fits in Most Vehicles and Closets


Utility Patent #10,239,546

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rella M. Scott of Baltimore, MD has created a portable, collapsible cart for transporting cleaning chemicals and supplies.

While working at an apartment complex cleaning the halls and stairways, Inventor Scott quickly realized there was no place to store her equipment at the worksite every day. She had to carry a broom, dust pan, and supplies while pushing a bucket with a mop from building to building. She really needed a folding cart that could be transported in the trunk of her car. In turn, she was inspired to create Brightfull!

This clever new invention is a four-wheel utility cart. Users will now be able to effortlessly transfer a large amount of cleaning supplies from worksite to worksite. The cart holds buckets, mops, brooms, spray bottles, cleaning chemicals, tools, and more. A handle allows for easy pushing. The product will fit in most vehicles and closets.

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