Breast Underliners

Moisture absorbent liners for excess perspiration that occurs for millions of women underneath their breast.

  • Unique Banana Shape with Scalloped Edge for Added Comfort
  • Soaks Up Perspiration
  • Keeps Bra, Clothing, and Even Bedding Dry for Night Sweats
  • Alleviates Odor, Rashes, and Yeast Infections
  • Inexpensive and Disposable


Design Patent #D844,779

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Naomi J. Pinion, PhD. has designed innovative new liners that will keep the breast area dry for all day long comfort and freshness.

Just like many women, regardless of breast size, Naomi struggled all her life with endless sweating in the breast area. Not only does this sweating cause ones bra and clothes to become soaked, it can even cause rashes and yeast infections since the area gets no light or air. Its an embarrassing problem that can make women feel completely miserable. One summer before a hot outdoor event, Naomi just knew she would be drenched. Thats when the idea occurred to her why not create liners for under the breast to soak up all the perspiration? The inspiration was so strong that she drew out her design and began the patent process for Breast Underliners!

These are unique banana-shaped liners with a scalloped edge across the bottom for added comfort. Users will simply place one under each breast. Not only will they keep you dry, they also work to prevent odor, rashes, and infections. It is a product that millions of women have been waiting for and now it is ready for market!

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