A unique new piece of jewelry that can be worn on the wrist or ankle!

  • Two Pieces of Jewelry in One
  • Made with Beautiful Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Stones, or Other Precious Stones and Gems
  • Rhodium Plated Silver Chains
  • Easily Add or Remove Charms
  • Size Adjustable


Design Patent #D893,339

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Cheryl Hill of Juno Beach, FL and Tracey Cole of Aledo, TX have designed a unique new piece of jewelry that can be worn on the wrist or ankle!

After she retired, Cheryl started making jewelry and preforming at green markets and parks in her area. She really enjoyed creating jewelry that is unique, pretty, and easy-to-use. It soon turned into a fun hobby and people were really attracted to her designs. She soon expanded her collection by making more and more pieces. One day as she was making bracelets and anklets, a thought came to her. Why not combine them? However, since wrist and ankle size are different for most people, they cant wear a bracelet for an anklet and vice versa. Cheryl, along with her daughter, Tracey, were then inspired to create the Branklet!

The invention cleverly combines two pieces of jewelry into one. To be worn as a bracelet, simply connect the clasp to a spot on the connector for a comfortable fit. Any extra chain can then be clipped to a ring on the Branklet to serve as a safety chain. To wear it as an anklet, the clasp can be hooked anywhere on the safety chain to fit ones ankle size. Its that easy! Each Branklet consists of a chain with precious stones or any gem. The design is also versatile so charms can easily be added or changed to jump loops without the use of any tools.

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