Bottom of the Barrel

A system and method by which liquids and dry materials can be easily accessed and removed from large drum containers.

  • Raises Barrel Bottom Up as Product is Consumed
  • Available in Two Formats: One for Liquids and Another for Dry Products
  • Reduces Risk of Injury or Risk of Falling In
  • Especially Great for Those of Small Stature, A Person with a Disability, or the Elderly
  • Barrel Bottom Can Then Be Reset or Lowered for Refilling


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors David and Lisa Becraft of Romney, WV have developed a way to better access liquid or dry products remaining at the Bottom of the Barrel.

Growing up with the responsibility of feeding horses, David knew the dangers of reaching deep into feed barrels all too well, experiencing firsthand the peril of tumbling headfirst into them while attempting to access the feed at the bottom on several occasions. Years later, alongside Lisa, the two created a solution - the Bottom of the Barrel. Their invention is a barrel insert with a mechanism which allows anyone to easily access product remaining at the Bottom of the Barrel.

But how does it work? An inner plastic liner will be available in two formats: one for use with liquids and another for dry products like feed, grains, and corn. In both cases, as the material is removed, the Bottom of the Barrel can be raised so the remaining material is easily removed. This will make tasks easier and safer for those of small stature, a person with a disability, the elderly, or those just unable to reach the Bottom of the Barrel.

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