Bottlectric Guitar

A guitar body with bottles that add a unique aesthetic effect.

  • Attention Getting
  • Allows for Either Lateral or Lap Steel Playing Position
  • Alternative Repair for Badly Damaged Acoustic Guitars with Unusable Neck and Parts
  • Conversation Piece
  • Great Advertising Opportunity


Design Patent - D1,015,413

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jay M. Valencia of Bellflower, CA has designed a guitar body with bottles that add a unique aesthetic effect.

As a musician who also likes to make improvisational art in the form of mixed media, Jay uses functional parts and low-cost recyclable materials in his creations. He also likes to make art a conversation piece and enjoys catching the attention of others. He knows this is a good advertising technique that will grab attention in ways that a billboard or media ad cannot always.

His invention, the Bottlectric Guitar, comprises a center block or frame on which at least one bottle is mounted. The bottles are used as advertising media and contain circuit components and electronics, such as potentiometers and capacitors or active circuitry, wiring, and output jacks. One bottle can contain the beverage to add advertising value. A separate bottle is for the circuitry. The center block or frame contains the bridge that is either fixed or tremolo type. Magnetic pick-ups are for sensing string vibration and conversion into alternating electrical signals, and a pick guard. It is also used as mounting for the guitar neck and accessories. Additional contour bars have been added to define the outline of the guitar body, also mounted on the center block or frame.

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