Bottle Brush

All-in-one hair care!

  • Holds Your Favorite Hair Care Product
  • Great for Travel
  • Easy Twist Top
  • No Mess
  • Can Also be Used for Pets and Carpet


Design Patent #D924,572

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jean-Guy Leconte of Miami, FL has designed a new tangle-free brush with an easy fill compartment for a hair product or cleaning solution.

Jean-Guy was initially inspired to create this item because he enjoys scrubbing his hair in the shower with shampoo. However, his biggest motivation was to create a product that would be ideal for travel, as many people are always forgetting to pack their hairbrush or favorite shampoo. In turn, he developed the perfect toiletry item for home or away: the Bottle Brush!

With the Bottle Brush, no longer will you have to remember to bring a brush or even pack your favorite hair product. You will just twist the top, fill the reservoir, and go! When needed, the device is squeezed to release its contents without mess. The invention is small enough to fit nicely in a travel bag. It can also be used for pets and carpet.

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