Transform an ordinary bottle into something bright and useful!

  • Illuminates the Inside of a Sealed Bottle and its Contents
  • Allows Users to Be Visible and Have Visibility while Walking, Bike Riding, or Being Outside at Night
  • Adds Great Ambiance to Evening Gatherings
  • Perfect for Parties, Holidays, or Events like Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Available in Various Colors to Brighten any Occasion


Utility Patent #9,938,059

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Handick of Buckeye, AZ has created a novelty illuminating device that transforms an ordinary bottle into something bright and useful.

At a Barrell Buddies event, Handick was trying to figure out a way to see the level of liquid inside a bottle and be able to read the label while it was dark. The various wine bottles gave off a beautiful glow and he thought it might be nice to take advantage it. He knew it would surely add great atmosphere to an evening with friends. Handick realized an idea like this could also be modified for the water bottle industry as well. In fact, there could be countless applications! In turn, he created BOT-L-LITE!

This clever new invention transforms an ordinary bottle into a cool low-level light. Now users can show off the beauty of a special bottle and brighten up any get-together. They can be visible and have visibility while walking, bike riding or being outside at night. The invention can be used to illuminate a tent or RV while camping or moving around a campground. It would also be ideal for holidays and events like breast cancer awareness. It would even make a memorable souvenir.

Want to learn more about BOT-L-LITE? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities! Various colors are possible to brighten any occasion.


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